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Please add Naomi Murphy to your prayer list this week. She has been having serious medical issues and will be having major surgery this evening. Please Remember Garry and Carol Lane as they are battling some health issues. Pray for less side effects for Sara Beth Bagley, who is 3 years old, and has started on her third cancer treatment for her inoperable brain tumor. Pray for her family as well. Jr Henry needs prayer for health issues. Please pray for the doctors to have the wisdom to know how to treat him and guidance for him and his family. PRAISE, recent test results came back very good. Tommy Jones asks for prayer regarding new cancer treatments. Pray for wisdom and peace moving forward. Remember the Mejia family as the doctors have discovered an issue with their daughter’s heart. Pray it resolves on its own, and no treatment is needed. Please continue to keep Luke Halcom and his family in your prayers as he recovers from a motorcycle accident. Find the latest updates here. Nell Alford's grandson, Brad Alford, was diagnosed with MS. Continue to pray for Jerry and Louise Gilmore as they navigate life with Jerry's Primary Progressive Aphasia. Our church family who are being treated for cancer: Jack Haga, Tommy Jones, Chris Rawls, Debbie Warjonen, and many others. Lastly, remember our pastors and church staff. Pray for wisdom and encouragement as they seek the Lord’s will.


After 6 long weeks, we are happy to report that Luke was released from the hospital yesterday. The staff at Wake Med did a phenomenal job working with Luke to maximize his recovery while he was there. They reported earlier this week that while he still has a long way to go they felt that keeping him longer would not provide any significant results. Luke is in good spirits and is obviously very happy to be discharged. Cheryl and I are also very glad to be home. Last night was the 2nd night I slept in my own bed and 1st meal I ate at home since the ordeal began. Luke will have an intensive schedule of outpatient rehab to continue working on the damage caused to his brain from the accident. We are told that this process will continue for about the next year at which point we will know what if anything is permanent. Considering the incredible progress he has made so far we are very optimistic about his recovery. Again we want to thank our church family for the outpouring of support and prayers. We still receive cards, text messages and offers for assistance and are so grateful for each and every one of you. This weekend we will be returning to church with Luke by our side. God has blessed us every step of the way. In our deepest darkest hours it was the hope promised by our Lord Jesus Christ that we held onto. Ultimately we had faith that whatever God had planned was bigger than any of us. What He allowed us to see was amazing and humbling. We are blessed and grateful for what we have. 43 days ago I begged God to let me take my boy home… even if I had to carry him. No matter how he returned Luke to us I would be grateful. God answered that prayer and so many others along the way. We will be posting some photos of Luke over the last few weeks. Love & Light, The Halcom Family


Good afternoon church family. We wanted to give you all a quick update on Luke's recovery. Just think that tomorrow marks the 3-week point in this journey. As we have said before, this feels like an instant and an eternity all at the same time. We are amazed every day at how God has been here each and every step of the way and how He has influenced so many more than just our family. Luke is MONTHS ahead of where Drs told us he would be the day after the accident. The Drs were trying to lessen the pain that would be experienced and equipping us to mentally handle what could have been. That being said, ever since Luke first opened his eyes ever so slightly and gave us that first thumbs up he has been off to the races. Each day is better than the last and we are excited to see what progress is made when he finally gets transferred to Wake Med to begin inpatient rehab. As of right now, it looks like that transfer may take place tomorrow (9/7). Cheryl, Joslyn, Jordan, my Mother Viva, and I want to thank you all for the continued love, support, and prayers you have all showered us with since day 1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You will never know what it meant to us to know we were not alone. We are looking forward to the day that Luke can walk himself back into church and worship with his church family once again! Love & Light, The Halcom Family


Good evening church family. Sorry for the delay in updating, but things have been fast and furious. God keeps showing up and showing us how awesome he is. Big news first... Luke has been approved by his Drs for transfer to a rehab hospital and Wake Med has agreed to take him! His trach tube was changed out to a smaller more comfortable version because of his continued stability. His feeding tube has been removed and he ate his first meal today, spaghetti and meatballs. His speech is getting better every day. We still have a long way to go but we are what seems like lights years ahead of where Drs were advising us we’d be only a week ago. We have talked to so many people that have amazed us with reports of things they are experiencing in their lives and in their churches. People who never prayed are now praying. People who never believed are now opening up to discuss who God is. I keep hearing from my friends and others outside of the Carolinas who are amazed with the love our Church family has shown. Cheryl, Joslyn, Jordan and I are humbled and awed by all that we see. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Love & Light, The Halcom Family


Good Morning. Luke had another good night. More prayers were answered overnight as this morning's blood tests show the mystery infection appears to be waning and his white blood cell count is now only slightly above normal. Joslyn spent yesterday afternoon with him and had an incredible conversation with him. He misses everyone deeply. As the fog lifts he is beginning to understand the predicament he finds himself in. He expressed concern for his own health and what his outcomes could be. While as a parent it pains us to know that he is worried it also is encouraging that he is cognizant enough to have logical and analytical thoughts expressing concern for his own welfare. That being said he also believes that he is being housed in a baseball stadium. (No idea where that comes from, LOL). The Drs have begun talking about rehab and they are amazed at the speed of his recovery. A week ago I was advised not to get my hopes up and that it could take weeks if not months for him to open his eyes. We are hoping that when rehab is ordered we can have him transferred to a local TBI Rehab in the Raleigh area. God continues to show off and is being glorified in all of this. We have seen so much happen in the last 11 days (feels like an instant and an eternity all at the same time). God is at work in the hospital not only with Lukes's recovery but with his staff, from Drs to the custodial staff we see others being moved closer to the Lord. Outside of the hospital, we hear stories from so many people of what they are experiencing, the encouragement they are feeling, and the way the Lord is moving in their lives as well. We pray daily not only for our family's continued recovery but for each and every one of you, that God blesses every family, protects each of you, and answers each of your prayers for other areas of your life. I know this may seem weird and that we already have our hands full but if any of you needed to be added to our prayer list please let us know. God is so much bigger than what we are going through and we would be honored to include your specific needs in our prayer life. Love & Light, The Halcom Family