All for one

All for One is a ministry that serves people with special needs and their families.  As Paul shared with the church in Corinth, we are ALL part of the body of Christ. Just as each part of our own physical bodies has a purpose, so do we as believers.  No matter our challenges, God has equipped each of us with our own unique ability to serve and share His love with others.  We are all for the one, true God.  (Reference:  1 Corinthians 12: 12-31) 

As you prepare to join us at Bethesda, please know this:

  • You and your family are welcome and safe here.

  • Our goal is to meet your family where you are, not make you meet us where we are.

  • Our definition of the perfect church service is one where people hear the Word of God and connect/reconnect with Him.  We don’t worry about noises in the background, sitting properly in our seats, or any other false image of the “perfect family”.  We are happy to have everyone in your family in our services.

  • We know that sometimes just getting through the door is hard enough.  Don’t worry about when you are late, your hair is a mess, or your child needs to wear the dinosaur costume.  We understand!

  • You are the expert on your child/family member with special needs.  You know what works and what does not.  We don’t think we can do it better or know everything you are facing.  But we do have compassion, love, and willingness to support you and your family as best we can. 

  • If there is something you need but we don’t have, let us know.  We are happy to explore options and search for ways for you and your family to connect and feel welcome in our church.

  • who are we?

    To put it simply:  We are just like you.  

    • Some of us are parents who have walked the same road you are traveling.  

    • Some of us are teachers who have loved, taught, and worked with people who have special needs.

    • Some of us are family members who have seen the ups and downs your family faces.

    • Some of us are volunteers who may not have personal experience but feel the need and call to serve your family.

    • Some of us are people with special needs ourselves and can uniquely relate to this wonderful group of people.

    • All of us are servants of God who want to share His love with all the members of your family.

    This ministry is comprised of people who fill the following roles:

  • inclusive environment

    The Bethesda Church family is just that: a family.  And like our personal family, we strive to include everyone in the opportunities we have to offer.  As you consider exploring the All for One Ministry, know that we want to embrace everyone where they are.  As this ministry is just beginning, we currently have the following inclusive environment options to offer, but plans for expansion are on the horizon!

  • all for one sunday mornings

    Sunday Mornings-A wonderful opportunity for families to worship together.  

    • Children up to 5th grade: The All for One Classroom and buddy support is available during 1st service (9:30am-10:30am). 
    • 6th Grade through Adults: The All for One Classroom and buddy support is available during 2nd service (11:00am-12:00pm). 
    • Does your child want to stay in Worship Center with you?  They are welcome to do so!  If you need any tools/devices to help make it more accessible, see the list of available options below.  

  • accessibility

    Our goal is to strive to make our main worship services accessible for everyone.  See the list below for tools/devices/services available:

    • If the lobby of our church is a bit overwhelming, please feel free to utilize the side entrance to the main building.  If you are looking at the church, it is on the right side and is the first door.

    • We have a hearing assistance system for those with hearing impairments.

    • Our bulletins are in a digital format which allow for enlargement of text.

    • Music a little too loud?  We have noise cancelling headphones.  See one of our Connect team members at the Welcome desk to sign out a pair of headphones to borrow.  These are cleaned after each use. 

    • Both of our restrooms have wheelchair accessible stalls.

    • All buildings have accessible entrances.

    • In the sanctuary, our elevator will allow for stage access.

    • We have sensory supports and weighted blankets for our friends with special needs available at the Connect Desk.

    • If you have a need for any other tool or service, please reach out to let us know how we can best meet your needs.

  • contact us

    For any questions, comments, or suggestions reach out to  We’re happy to connect with you!