For the Kingdom

This is a two-year initiative that has three specific goals: 

  • Expanding God’s Kingdom
  • 1000 Gospel Conversations
  • Creating International Partnerships

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Expand the Kingdom

  • Aspire: Pastor Training Cohort

    This program offers a chance for men to actively explore their calling to pastoral ministry. Are you sensing a call to become a pastor? Perhaps you're uncertain but eager to discern your calling. Over the course of 30 weeks, you'll engage in training, reading, sharing, and personal growth. This journey will provide you with a glimpse into the life of a pastor, and you'll undergo assessments to gain a better understanding of your suitability for this role. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to connect with experienced pastoral leaders from the state convention, who can assist you in planning your next steps once you've discerned God's call.

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  • Inspire: Ministry Leader Cohort

    Here's a opportunity for you to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to establish and operate a ministry from its very foundation. Our aim is to equip you with the tools not only to serve others but also to nourish your own spiritual well-being. Throughout this 30-week program, you'll receive comprehensive guidance on both the practical and spiritual aspects of ministry. Our goal is for you to complete this program ready to step into a leadership role in an existing ministry or even initiate a brand-new one. We'll provide you with reading materials and offer insights into the inner workings of ministry, helping you gain a genuine understanding of what it entails and how to flourish in this calling.

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  • Find your Place

    An excellent method for learning is through active involvement in ministry. Don't hesitate to dive in and discover your role in serving. You can seamlessly integrate this into your experience with Aspire or Inspire. The possibilities of how God can utilize what you gain here are boundless.

    Ministry Opportunities

1000 Gospel Conversations


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Learn how to effectively communicate the Gospel with anyone by utilizing straightforward methods such as 3 Circles or Best News, maximizing every chance you encounter. Acquire tools for sharing your faith on the go, right on your phone.

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Our family tree

Our Family Tree offers a straightforward framework for sharing the gospel with anyone, anytime, and anywhere! Its distinctive design simplifies the process by prompting a basic question, such as, 

"What do you see when you look at this tree?"

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Creating International Partnerships