Local Partners

iChoose Pregnancy Support Services

iChoose provides compassionate support to women and men in unplanned pregnancy situations. We understand the pressures and anxieties of an unexpected pregnancy. Having someone to listen or provide support and encouragement can give you the confidence needed to make a fully informed decision.

Smithfield Rescue Mission

The Smithfield Rescue Mission exists to proclaim the love of Jesus for those who are homeless and in crisis by providing shelter, life necessities, and life changing programs to break the cycle of poverty. They partner with individuals, churches, and businesses, uniting the local church to care for those hurting and in crisis, thus practicing an integral part of our faith in Jesus Christ- care for those in need.

Global Missions

Amazon Vision Ministries

There are an estimated 33,000 villages located throughout the Amazon River basin with over 1.5 million people literally living at the water’s edge. Amazon Vision Ministries is one of the few and longest standing ministries that does.few venture beyond the 186-mile radius where many of the unreached remain. We are a dedicated group of individuals who have discovered an open door for the gospel message among the Ribeirinho (river) people. The overarching vision of Amazon Vision Ministries is to bring the hope of Christ to the people living in the western Amazon basin of Brazil.