Bethesda's COVID-19 Response (Updated 3/14/2020)

Hello Bethesda Family!


In light of the recent concerns in our community about the COVID-19 virus, we want you to know that our Church Staff at Bethesda are taking every precaution to keep our church family healthy. Bethesda WILL NOT GATHER until Sunday, March 29, 2020. 

While we will not be gathering in person, we will continue to gather together online.  We know this will be new for so many people, but we do not want to lose touch with you during this time.  Beginning tomorrow our Services will be live streamed on our website and on our Church Facebook page.  The link is below.   We also will be putting out discipleship material for kids and students and bible study videos filmed by Pastor Will and Pastor Landon.  In addition, don't forget that all church members have access to Rightnow Media, with over 8,000 Bible Study videos, there are many ways you can continue to grow spiritually in the midst of this unusual event.


See the information from our previous update (below) for more information on how to take advantage of these opportunities - 


Communication: We will have Live Streaming available starting this Sunday on our website at

We are working to provide online discipleship classes for kids, youth, and adults.  We also want to encourage you to delve into the Rightnow Media subscription that our church has.  It is free to you and your family.  If you have not received your invitation, please email and let him know that you need

an invitation to Rightnow Media.

Giving:  We know for many of you giving is more that just a donation, it is an act of worship. If you still want to worship the Lord through giving you can do so through our online giving platform:  


Great Commission:  Throughout history the church has been its best when it is flexible, committed and working as a team.  While COVID-19 has people on edge and scared, we have the good news of Jesus Christ that is so much greater than this virus is scary.  Even amidst the panic there is real opportunity to reach people with the gospel.  I want to encourage you to look for new ways to love, share, and serve people like Jesus. I love you all and we are here for you. God can and will grow his kingdom through this!

As you know, information and news changes quickly.  Our plans may change at any time.  We will continue to communicate with you as we respond to the most up to date information we have. 


In Jesus,

Bethesda Baptist