Bethesda students

Gotta love our students!  Bethesda youth and youth leaders are committed to studying and sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  They are active members within our church, serving in many areas of ministry and following Jesus' example of Great Commission living in the community.  Whether you are just starting 6th grade or are preparing to graduate from high school, we will have something here for you at Bethesda!

  • MidWeek Student worship

    Equipping students to know and live the gospel begins right here.  Prayerful Bible study and  fun discussions help our youth grow in their faith individually and as a group. Students meet together on Wednesdays in the worship center.

              5:30-6:30pm  Outside Hang Time

              6:30-8:00pm  Worship and Grow Groups

    Weekly Thread Student Devotion

  • Sunday Night GROW group

    All 6th-12th grade students are invited to join us via Zoom on Sunday nights at 6:45 pm.  If you aren't able to attend in person on Wednesday evenings, this is the group for you. (Temporarily suspended, but you can still work on the Thread as a family at home. If interested please contact us.

    Weekly Thread Student Devotion

  • Student worship arts team

    You are invited to help us take the good news of Jesus to others through music and drama! 

    Student Praise Team and Tech Team rehearsals are on Sundays from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm, and they lead our midweek worship service.  No drama scheduled for fall 2020.

  • FUGE Camp

    Camp gives students a chance to step away from the distractions of daily life and spend the week fully focused on God.  Most years we alternate between Certrifuge and it's mission-focused partner MFuge.  To learn more about FUGE camps, simply click here.

  • Events

    Doing life together so our students can grow closer to God and each other.  Game nights, service projects, concerts, and other activities are offered regularly throughout the year.  Bring yourself and bring a friend!